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As dietitians and personal trainers we have the unique ability in providing you with the expertise and knowledge in both diet and exercise. We all know that these are the key elements in the success of achieving any health and fitness goals!
"Amy combined a training routine with a personal nutrition plan - the results are fantastic, I have never felt stronger and more toned!"
-Marnie Anderson

Weight Loss

Learn the science behind weight management from a qualified dietitian and personal trainer. Learn the secrets to satisfying hunger, reading food labels planning a healthy diet plan to meet your nutrition recommendations and more! Read more


Healthy and delicious recipes to keep you satisfied, while still achieving your health and fitness goals.. Read more

Sports Nutrition

Want that competitive edge? Learn how to optimise your training performance and recovery for your next event with optimal nutrition. Read more

Exercise Plans

Free innovative exercise plans to perform in your on own home, gym or hotel! Read more

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